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Tuition and Fees

One year of tuition, fees, and housing at Snow College is about half of what you’d pay at the universities. Add to that Snow College scholarships and federal financial aid, and you may be surprised at how much you’ll save (over $2,900 a year compared to the average tuition, fees and housing at the universities).


Snow Affordability is Recognized In and Outside of Utah

Snow Rankings

From CNN Money to Snow has been consistently ranked in the top ten college ranking for the past 5 years.


Over 70% Receive Financial Assistance at Snow College

Available Scholarships

Academic-Departmental-Leadership-Performing Arts-Diversity-Private and More


Federal Financial Aid goes Further at Snow

Qualifying for the Maximum Pell Grant- $5,800- covers well over 60% of your annual total expenses


We’ll Help You Navigate the Process

Questions… Concerns? Snow Financial Aid is Ready to Help.