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Club Advisors

The Role Of An Advisor

The role of the advisor varies from organization to organization. However, what remains consistent is the tremendous impact the advisor can have in supporting the learning and leadership experiences of student organizations and their members. The success of any club is the responsibility of the members, not the advisor. Ideally, the advisor should train and counsel club members regarding the achievement of group and personal goals without controlling their actions.  Advisors add continuity to an organization, particularly at Snow College, where most leadership positions are limited to 1 year of service, resulting in a lot of annual turnover. Advisors help student leaders understand their fit in the overall mission of the college as well as how to access college resources. Advisors also help student leaders exercise good judgment in selecting programs and/or activities. Finally, through facilitation of student learning, advisors play a vital role in student organizations.

Advisor Expectations:
Recruiting An Advisor:

When approaching the person for the first time, make sure that he or she has a good, clear understanding of your organization as well as the personal commitment desired by his or her role as an advisor. It is important that you are open and honest with the potential advisor about the types of activities in which he or she would need to participate.