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Diesel & Heavy Duty Mechanics Technology Careers

Career Opportunities

Diesel mechanics work on many different types of diesel engines, including buses, heavy trucks, trains, cranes, bulldozers, road graders, farm tractors, and some even work on automobiles and boats. They might also work on diesel powered electric generators and a whole slew of other diesel powered equipment. 

A well trained diesel mechanic can find employment working in smaller automobile shops working with clients who have diesel powered vehicles. He can also find employment in construction, manufacturing, even in the truck transportation industry. There are many areas where a mechanic is needed, and finding work isn’t too difficult. In 2008, over 263,000 people held jobs as diesel mechanics. In smaller mechanic shops, it is common for the diesel technicians to work in all areas of the vehicle. They know about all aspects of the vehicle. However, in larger shops, it is necessary for a diesel mechanic to specialize in one area.

A mechanic with a good formal education will have no problem finding work, whereas someone who has no formal training will find the competition to be stiff. As more and more freight is shipped, more and more diesel powered engines will be needed, as well as mechanics for them. Consider a career in this ever evolving and exciting industry!


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