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Drawing I

Division: Fine Arts, Comm, and New Media

Department: Visual Art

Course: ART 1110

Title: Drawing I

Description: This foundation studio course is an introduction to the dynamics of the visual language through the expressive means of drawing. The focus of this course is the development of observational drawing skills, employing a wide range of mediums. This course will address the fundamental techniques consistent in historic and current artistic practices. Required of all art majors. A lab fee is required.

Courses Taught Spring 2023

1110-001MW8:30 am-11:20 amRichmond, Ronald R.

Courses Taught Fall 2023

1110-001MW8:30 am-11:20 amAllred, Scott B.
1110-002TTH11:00 am-1:50 pmAllred, Scott B.
1110-003MW1:30 pm-4:20 pmAllred, Scott B.
1110-004MW8:30 am-11:20 amCowan, Lee R.