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Snow College Dance Department

2021-2022 Dance Ensemble & Spring 2021 Scholarship Audition Video Submission

Audition deadline April 30 2021

Upload your video to Youtube (public or unlisted, not private) and email the link to email address for this person

We invite you to submit two videos.

In the first video we would like to get to know you better.

We would like to know more about your love of dance, your favorite teachers, your favorite performances as well as your dreams and aspirations related to movement. What other interests are you pursuing? How do they inform your movement practice? What aspects of dance are you interested in pursuing at the college level?

In the second video, we would love to see you move.

While technique is important to us, what we value most is your individuality. So, please feel free to submit a video of you dancing in your room, in your yard, or at your table or desk. We encourage you to use the special limitations of your isolation to your advantage. How does one dance in small spaces? How does one dance in nature? How does one dance to sound? How does one dance to no sound?

Each video should be 90 seconds to 270 seconds long.

Upon viewing your submissions, we would love to chat with you by phone in order to share with you more information about our program and answer any of your questions. Please include your phone number when you submit your links.

In order to be considered for the 2020-2021 Snow College Dance Ensemble and the Spring 2021 Dance Scholarship, please upload your video to Youtube (public or unlisted, not private) and submit the link to email address for this person

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