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Theatre is the art and craft of play production. It includes the study of dramatic literature and theory, theatre history, acting, set design, lighting design, costume design and film. In addition to the scholarly exploration of these subjects, the theatre program emphasizes the practical application of knowledge gained and skills learned through annual performances before live audiences.

Theatre also explores the historical, cultural and social milieu that produced significant works of dramatic literature.

Students who complete an emphasis in theatre at Snow College will be expected to demonstrate that they

  • know the historical and cultural development of western dramatic literature and tradition;
  • know the characteristics of significant literary schools from classism to Shakespeare;
  • are able to criticize significant great works in terms of the period in which they were written;
  • are able to perform the basic duties of a stage technician;
  • are able to perform a variety of roles from tragic, comic and musical theatre;
  • feel or appreciate the literary and humanistic significance of drama;
  • feel or appreciate significant works of drama from a variety of schools and authors;
  • feel or appreciate the visual and oral elements of theatre.


Upcoming Theatre Production

Our Town

April 17-20, 2019

Our Town

Considered by many to be the greatest American play, Our Town tells the story of Emily and George, two unremarkable teenagers growing up in a small New Hampshire town, Govers Corners, at the turn of the last century.  Love and marriage, birth and death. Seen from a distance they’re just the rhythm of everyday life: but when you’re caught up in the middle and they’re happening to you, they’re the whole world. Thornton Wilder’s Pulitzer Prize-winning small town epic of human existence remains as theatrically fresh and as topical as ever.

To celebrate the commitment of the city of Ephraim and our theatre, Our Town will be cast from both Snow College and members of the surrounding community. Embracing our own town with this plain-speaking and honest play, we invite you and your imagination to take a journey with us back home.

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