Honors Program Application

Information is confidential and will be used for advising and informing students of Honors activities.

Please complete this appliation, for the Honors Application Essay section, please follow these guidelines:

The Snow College Honors Program values intellectual curiosity and a love of learning.  The Honors Program doesn’t add more work, but rather offers a unique and engaging way for students to complete general education and elective courses.  With this in mind, please choose one of the following options and write a brief essay (1-3 pages or 300-700 words).  Please give your essay serious consideration; it is an important part of your application.

  1. If you could create your own dream class for your freshman year of college, what would it look like?  What would you study?  How would you be assessed?  Who would teach?
  2. What do you believe to be the great moral dilemma of our age? Why do you believe as you do? How would you solve it?