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Honors Course Descriptions

(Honors courses are designated by an H01 or H02 section number. Courses without an "H" designation are not honors courses and do not count toward fulfilling Honors Program requirements.)

COMM  1020  Public Speaking FA
ENGL  2014  Intermed Comp:Honors Thesis E2
ENGL  2150  Honors Intell Trad of West HU
ENGL  2160  Intellectual Traditions II HU
HONR  2850  Honors Interdisciplinary Study
HONR  2852  Interdisciplinary Stud. HU
POLS  1100  American National Gov't AI

Honors Contracts

Once during your honors experience, you may use an Honors Contract to make a non-honors class count for honors credit. See the current Honors director for details.

Honors Planner

Click here to print a planning sheet for completing the honors program.