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Biology Courses

BIOL  1010  General Biology LS
BIOL  1015  General Biology Lab LB
BIOL  1050  Human Biology LS
BIOL  1055  Human Biology Lab LB
BIOL  1420  Environmental Biology LS
BIOL  1425  Environmental Biology Lab LB
BIOL  1450  Human Dynamics - LS
BIOL  1455  Human Dynamics Lab LB
BIOL  1460  Bird, Biology, & You
BIOL  1465  Bird, Biology Lab
BIOL  1610  Biology I LS
BIOL  1615  Biology I Laboratory LB
BIOL  1620  Biology II LS
BIOL  1625  Biology II Laboratory LB
BIOL  1997  Biol/Health Sci. Intern. I
BIOL  2030  Introductory Genetics
BIOL  2035  Introductory Genetics Lab LB
BIOL  2060  Introductory Microbiology LS
BIOL  2065  Intro Microbiology Lab LB
BIOL  2120  Rural Health Scholars
BIOL  2122  Analysis/Reading in Healthcare
BIOL  2200  General Microbiology LS
BIOL  2205  General Microbiology Lab LB
BIOL  2220  Gen Ecology for Life Sc Majors
BIOL  2225  Gen Ecology Life Sci Maj Lab
BIOL  2320  Human Anatomy LS
BIOL  2325  Human Anatomy Lab LB
BIOL  2420  Human Physiology
BIOL  2425  Human Physiology Lab LB
BIOL  2450  Undergraduate Teaching in BIOL
BIOL  2580  Intro to Soil Science
BIOL  2585  Intro to Soil Science Lab
BIOL  2650  Pathophysiology
BIOL  2915  Undergraduate Research
BIOL  2925  Undergraduate Research
HESC  1500  EMT-Emergency Medical Tech