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Quantitative Literacy

Division: Natural Science and Math

Department: Mathematics

Course: MATH 1030

Title: Quantitative Literacy

Description: This course provides an introduction to mathematical modeling and problem solving utilizing algebra, discrete mathematics, geometry and statistics. Furthermore, students will examine some of the greatest ideas of humankind ideas comparable to the works of Shakespeare, Plato, and Michelangelo. Imagination, creativity, and sound logic will all be crucial components of these mathematical explorations. The overarching theme of the course is to gain a deeper understanding and appreciation for math and its many applications to the world around us. There are three basic goals for this course: To attain a better understanding of some rich mathematical ideas; To build sharper skills for analyzing life issues that transcend mathematics; To develop a new perspective and outlook on the way you view the world.

Courses Taught Fall 2021

1030-001MWF10:30 am-11:20 amSmith, Larry
1030-002TTH2:00 pm-3:20 pmZollinger, Steve
1030-100TTH9:30 am-10:50 amZollinger, Steve
1030-107Taught OnlineHughes, Lorie M.
1030-108Taught OnlineHughes, Lorie M.

Courses Taught Spring 2022

1030-001MWF10:30 am-11:20 amHughes, Lorie M.
1030-002MWF9:30 am-10:20 amZollinger, Steve
1030-003MWF1:30 pm-2:20 pmZollinger, Steve
1030-100TTH8:00 am-9:20 amZollinger, Steve
1030-107Taught OnlineHughes, Lorie M.