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Natural Resources Department | Snow College

A natural resources degree will qualify students to obtain jobs in many areas of natural resources as land managers and technicians. Many jobs are available in fields such as: Rangeland Resources, Wildlife Science, Conservation and Restoration Ecology, Forestry, Fisheries and Aquatic Science, Watershed and Earth Systems, Geography, Environmental Studies, and Recreation Resource Management. Within these fields, students could find employment in the private sector in areas such as: environmental consulting, oil/gas, mining, timber, business owner/contractor, non-profit organizations and agriculture. Within local, state, and federal governments, jobs are available in many different agencies, including: U.S. Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management (BLM), United States Geological Survey (USGS), Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS), Division of Wildlife Resources (DWR), Forestry, Fire, and State Lands (FFSL), State Parks, Department of Agriculture, City Public Works, and many more.