Natural Resources Courses

NR  1010  Intro to Natural Resources
NR  1020  Field Inventory/Sampling Techn
NR  1030  Fund of Food Production System
NR  1700  Natural Resource Leadership
NR  1900  Natural Resource Projects
NR  2010  Environmental Policy/Reporting
NR  2040  Principles of Range Management
NR  2610  Wildlife Identification
NR  2805  Natural Resource Safety Cert I
NR  2815  Nat Res Safety Cert II

Students who complete an emphasis in Natural Resources at Snow College will:
  • Be able to write coherent reports and documents
  • Be able to explain the history and policies associated with land use
  • Be able to be an advocate for multiple and sustainable use of our natural resources
  • Be able to evaluate range resource health through proper monitoring techniques
  • Be able to demonstrate accurate monitoring procedures
  • Be able to apply economic management principles to natural resource use
  • Be able to assess present conditions and determine the action needed to obtain desired result based on a critical analysis of situations
  • Understand how natural resources provide our food, fiber, standard of living, and recreation
  • Understand how resources are interconnected and that management of some resources without consideration of other resources can lead to unexpected results.
  • Learn to work effectively both individually and with others through class projects and through internship experiences
  • Be able to communicate in electronic, verbal, and written formats
  • Demonstrate competency in utilizing geospatial technologies (Global Positioning System – GPS, Geographic Information Systems – GIS, and remote sensing)
  • Demonstrate the ability to reason scientifically