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Physics Courses

PHYS 2010

Division: Natural Science and Math

Department: Physics

Course: PHYS 2010

Title: College Physics I

Description: PHYS 2010 is the first semester of a two-semester sequence in algebra/trigonometry-based general physics. The course is designed for students majoring in pre-medical, pre-dental, pre-pharmacy, and other biological sciences. The topics covered include the study of kinetics, statics, dynamics, momentum, energy, rotational motion, gravitation, solids and fluids, and thermodynamics.

Courses Taught Spring 2020

No courses to display for this term.

Courses Taught Fall 2020

2010-001T8:30 am-9:20 amHart, Steven
2010-001MWF8:30 am-9:20 amHart, Steven
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