Physics Courses

PHSC  1000  Interdisciplinary Phys Sc PS
PHSC  1005  Interdisciplin Phys Sc Lab LB
PHYS  1010  Elementary Physics PS
PHYS  1015  Elementary Physics Lab LB
PHYS  1060  Astronomy: Stars & Galaxies PS
PHYS  1130  Intro to Meteorology PS
PHYS  1135  Intro to Meteorology Lab LB
PHYS  1750  Science of Sound and Music PS
PHYS  1755  Sci of Sound & Music Lab LB
PHYS  2010  College Physics I
PHYS  2015  College Physics I Lab
PHYS  2020  College Physics II
PHYS  2025  College Physics II Lab
PHYS  2210  Physics:Scientist/Engineer I
PHYS  2215  Physics:Scientist/Engineer Lab
PHYS  2220  Physics:Scientist/Engineers II
PHYS  2225  Phys:Scientist/Engineer II Lab
PHYS  2710  Introductory Modern Physics
PHYS  2800  Special Projects