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Snow College Physics Department Career Opportunities

Students who earn a degree in physics should be able to work in the following areas;


Physics majors who earn a bachelor’s degree and certification in secondary education are usually eligible to be high-school physics teachers. With a master’s de- gree, physics majors are eligible to teach in a two-year college. With a doctorate, Physics majors are eligible to teach in a four-year college or university. College professors may choose an area of specialization, which is usually related to their doctoral studies; they are
also expected to do research. Examples of such areas of specialization include solid state physics, atomic
and molecular physics, relativity, quantum mechanics, statistical physics and chaos, optics, particle physics, cosmology, astrophysics, physics education, etc.


Many industries and corporations hire research physi- cists to do basic or applied research. Defense industries and government research laboratories such as those at Livermore, Los Alamos, and the Oak Ridge also hire many physicists. Communication skills and the ability to work in teams are very important in this context


Physicists with Bachelor’s degrees are often employed to invent, build, maintain, and use various kinds of scientific equipment in many contexts.

Below are links to companies offering positions to physics majors.