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Service Learning Committee Bylaws


Civic Engagement and Service Learning Committee (CE&SL) strives to ensure the academic integrity of Snow College and to promote the continuous improvement of service learning as part of the curriculum. In addition the committee will oversee the CE&SL coordinator and advise on expenditures from CE&SL budget. To carry out these responsibilities the committee will review and approve all service learning course applications, evaluate each current service learning course (periodically ib a ritatubg basis). The committee will also decide who will teach GNST 1100 (Introduction to Civic Engagement and Service Learning).


The CE&SL committee is a standing sub-committee of the Faculty Senate. It consists of one voting member elected from each teaching division. The Vice President for Academic Affairs is a non-voting member and acts as a primary supervisor for the committee and director. The committee will elect a faculty member for a three-year term as director (renewable once). Any interested faculty member can attend the meetings of the committee but will not be considered voting members.

A CE&SL committee member’s term of office will be two years (renewable). If a committee member is unable to complete his or her term of office, the division involved shall elect a replacement to complete the term. Temporary vacancies shall be filled by election or appointment by the division Dean, as determined within each division.

Orginzation/Duties of the Direcor

The director will have the following duties as part of their position:

  • Call the committee into session and provide an agenda. The chair will ensurethat the minutes are readily available to any interested members of the campus community.
  • The director will invite interested members of the campus community suchas deans, advisors and so on to sit with the community on an ad hoc basis. Any person or persons may request to be placed on the agenda for the purpose of addressing the committee on an issue.
  • The director will see that opportunities for in-service training in service learning are provided for the members of the committee and the CE&SL coordinator

Orginzation/Duties of the Committee Members
  • Each member of the committee will have one vote on motions made by committee members. A motion passed by a majority of the voting members of the committee (not just a majority of those present) will constitute a decision by the committee.
  • The committee will meet monthly to carry out its responsibilities including the following:
    • Assure the academic integrity of service learning courses at Snow College
    • Approve and advise new service learning course applications
    • Periodically review all service learning syllabi
    • OverseetheCE&SLbudget
    • Make an annual report to Senate on the status of CEZ&SL courses
    • Make an annual report to the Vice President for Academic Affairs on the CE&SL program, coordinator and budget
    • Seek applications from full-time and adjunct instructors for GNST 1100 and approve instructors for this class
    • Oversee GNST 1100 by reading student evaluations, assessing enrollment, advising instructors on best practices
    • Oversee appointment of the Director of CE&SL and evaluate the quality of the director’s job performance
    • Oversee bylaws of committee with revision or addition