Service Scholar Recognition Award

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The Service Scholars Recognition Award is designed for students interested in enhancing their educational experience through community service. Through the program, students address real community issues by providing service to and learning from people in Central Utah and beyond. Students will enhance their academic experience with the knowledge and awareness they gain through increased civic engagement. At the same time, they will be helping others and building personal character, becoming better members of society. Service Scholar Graduates must complete the following:

  • An Integrated Service Project (ISP)
  • 150 Service Hours (100 from outside the ISP)
  • 8 Credit Hours of Service Learning Courses (including GNST 1100 and two other courses, ideally from different departments)
  • GNST 1100
  • Capstone reflection essay

Graduates from the program are recognized each year with:

  • Special recognition at the graduation ceremony
  • A certificate of achievement
  • A service learning distinction on transcript