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Mission Statement

The mission of the Education and Family Studies Department is to:

  1. Strategically select and provide discipline-specific principle-based and research-based data and application opportunities to our students.

    • That we might assist students in increasing their personal and professional vision of a brighter future.
    • That we might assist students in developing specific skills and qualifications as demanded by market-driven income opportunities.
  2. Constantly remind students of their own desired outcomes.

    • That we might effectively inspire students to use their moral agency to explore, learn, and apply the provided information and principles to the end that thy might elicit their own desired outcomes.

Program Learning Outcomes

The Education and Family Studies department offers a diverse selection of courses and provides students the opportunity to gain emphasis in many different areas while also completing general education and major requirements for graduation and transferability.

Family, Child, and Human Development Program Learning Outcomes:

  1. Students will understand the major theories of family and/or human development.
  2. Students will understand the normal patterns of physical, emotional, social, moral, and cognitive development across the lifespan.
  3. Students understand developmentally appropriate practice and strategies for positive guidance and discipline as it relates to parenting and/or education.
  4. Students can observe, record, and interpret children's behavior in the context of development theories.
  5. Students will understand aspects of the family including but not limited to consumerism, finance, food and nutrition, and relationships.