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Property Control

Property Control is a part of the Controller's office. We are responsible for post-purchase processes associated with many of the physical goods acquired by the College.

Inventory Audit Schedule

  • January: Stadium & Social Sciences
  • February: West Campus
  • March: Business Building & GSC
  • April: Lucy Phillips & Dorms
  • July: Richfield Campus
  • August: Noyes & Huntsman Library
  • September: Eccles
  • October: Facilities
  • November: AC & Education and Family Studies
  • December: Humanities & Science Building


Please contact Carlie Fowles (x7267) for any questions regarding audits, inventory tags or any asset transfers or disposals.


Surplus Property

Disposal of Assets/Transfer of Assets/Public Surplus

Snow College Campus Services Surplus Property Sales is to be used by all college departments for the disposal of unused property. The College has limited facilities and space for operations and storage. With increasing demands on all college space, it is imperative that only equipment, materials and supplies of sufficient value be retained. Given this situation, all Vice Presidents, Deans, Department heads, Directors, Managers, and Project Leaders are encouraged to implement this practice of managing property for which they are responsible. State guidelines require that state-owned property shall not be destroyed, sold, transferred, discarded, donated or otherwise disposed of without first receiving authorization from the Department’s Head. Campus Services Surplus Property Sales assures that state guidelines are followed and property is disposed of properly.

Definition of Surplus Property

Any property owned by Snow College that a department determines they are no longer using or technology has rendered obsolete is considered surplus property. Surplus property includes any item regardless of whether or not it has a college inventory number as long as the item is useable or can be made useable with a reasonable amount of effort or expense and/or has residual value or should be properly recycled. Once a decision is made to dispose of property, the top priority is to dispose of the surplus item, as expeditiously as possible. This is to be done in a controlled manner with prices on sale items set at levels low enough to move the goods, but sufficient to pay the direct out-of-pocket disposal costs. Whenever possible, items are to be sold at prices set to avoid time-consuming bids. State Administrative Rules stipulate that surplus property will be disposed of at fair market value, unless the property is not marketable for some reason and must be discounted to be sold. Selected property may be disposed of by abandonment, donation, or sold as scrap.

Transferring Property to College Departments

Transfers, gifts, trades, and sales of properties between College departments may be directly negotiated by the departments Involved. Transactions involving inter-departmental transfers of equipment, any items worth more than $3,000 must be reported by the transferring department to the Controller’s office so that office can update the college inventory records. IF the item has an asset tag on it, you must complete an Equipment Tracking Form and give the form to the Carlie Fowels in the Controller’s Office.

Submitting items to Facilities Surplus Sales

A department submitting surplus items must complete a Surplus of Snow College Property Form and email it to ude.wons@sulprus. If the item has an asset tag on it, you must complete an Equipment Tracking Form and attach the form to the item. That form will then be transferred to Carlie Fowels in the Controller’s office for removal of the item from your department’s assets.

Valuation of Surplus Items

All items will be inspected and evaluated when they are received by Campus Services. If the item is one that is frequently handled by Campus Services, such as a personal computer, pricing will be done using past sales and current market conditions. Other items that are unique require more effort and communication to determine adequate pricing. Snow College Campus Services reserves the right to assign a final asking price for all items. If items are determined to have no substantial resale value or potential, Campus Services may elect to scrap the items and process them as any other recycled material or waste. Snow College Campus Services reserves the right to reduce the price of an item if it does not sell after a government (website) public sale. Items will be processed through recycling or waste management if not sold after 60 days.

Two Ways to Sell College Property to the Public

Public Surplus

The Public Surplus website will be used to auction surplus items to the public. Award shall be made in accordance with the provisions of the auction instructions to the highest responsive and responsible bidder, provided that the price offered by such bidder is acceptable to the purchasing agent. Reserves can be put on property as well, please include this information in your initial Surplus of Snow College Property Form. In all cases items submitted to Snow College Campus Services will be sold on an “as is” basis. The seller neither assumes nor implies any warranty. Buyers are encouraged to inspect the items closely before submitting a bid and consider any items in “used” and in “as is” condition.

There will be no returns or refunds. Snow College reserves the right to reject any bid or remove items from the sale at any time until title has transferred upon payment and removal from Snow College property. If an acceptable bid is not received, the Campus Services department may determine the method of disposal of the item, provided it is in the best interest of the college.

Departments will be able to get credit for their sales for items over $20, less 10% administrative fee. When requesting item(s) to be sold please include the budget number to be credited when completing the Surplus of Snow College Property Form. Anything less than $20 will be credited to a surplus holding account.

Onsite Sales

On-site sales must be approved first, then advertised in the newspaper for at least ten days prior to the sale. Surplus items offered during the on-site sales will be priced in advance and offered on a first-come basis. The Campus Services department may determine the method of disposal of items not sold during the on-site surplus sale, provided it is in the best interest of the College.

Personal Gain

Under no circumstances may college property be salvaged for the personal benefit of a Snow College employee or sold directly to a Snow College employee by a department, or sold to an off-campus purchaser where personal benefit is derived by a Snow College employee. Violation of this prohibition will place the respective individual employee at risk of disciplinary action.

Grant Equipment Disposal Guidelines and Process

Federally owned property, and/or property purchased with Federal Grants, is not to be sold or otherwise disposed of without the appropriate Federal Agency approval. Follow the Federal Awarding Agency’s written instructions provided with the grant award documentation (See Super Circular §200.312). If there is no disposal documentation included with the grant, complete the Surplus of Grant Restricted Equipment Form found on the Controller office’s website under the “Forms” link. For special circumstances such as the trade-in of equipment or questions of the title of property, see the Super Circular §200.312 and §200.313 for guidance. A copy can be found in the Grants Financial Compliance Office.

  • Viewing of Auction items by appointment only. 
  • Bid Deposits: Snow College may require bid deposits to ensure fairness to all buyers. 
  • Public Processing, LLC handles all payments for Snow College. 
  • Acceptable forms of payment are: Wire Transfer or Credit Card. 
  • Payment for an awarded item must be received within five (5) business days after notice of award of the winning bid. 
  • Buyers Premium: A Buyers Premium of 10% will be added to the final sale price with a $1 minimum charge per auction for payment collections. This premium will be visible during the bidding process and added to the total bid. 
  • All sales are final. Items are sold "as is." Public Processing will notify buyer of receipt of payment via email. 
  • The successful bidder will be responsible for removal or pick-up of item(s) from Snow College’s premises. Removal must occur within ten (10) business days after notification of award of the winning bid. The notice of award, the payment receipt, and personal identification must be presented at the time of pick-up, or Snow College will not release the item to you. 
  • Pick-up hours by appointment only. 
  • The successful bidder will be responsible for the packing, loading and/or transporting of any item(s), if necessary