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VPN Setup

Canvas, E-mail, and Badgerweb do not require a VPN


VPN Setup Form
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Please list all systems and servers you are needing access to at your remote location
Process to use the VPN
  1. IT will need to enroll your Snow College account in DUO (For use in the DUO Mobile App)
  2. Two enrollment texts will be sent to your phone when the enrollment proccess is complete
  3. One text will include a link to install the DUO Mobile App and the other will include the enrollment link. Make sure you install the DUO Mobile App before clicking on the enrollment link.
  4. You will need to be added to a group that has access to use the VPN
  5. You will also need to install the FortiClient on the device you will be working on remotely


FortiClient/VPN Installation, Setup, and Use

FortiClient installers for on campus devices

PC - Windows Client

Mac - MacOS Client

FortiClient installers for off campus devices

(You will need to email the IT Department for VPN settings before you can proceed to step 3 below)

PC -Windows Client

Mac -MacOS Client

All Supported Clients - VPN Client Downloads

1. After you have downloaded the file and installed the FortiClient go to the "Compliance and Telemtary" tab. Enter or paste into the box and hit connect. (screenshot below)

 ems server

2. Once your device is connected to you will then recieve the VPN settings. Your username/password is the same as Canvas or Badgerweb. (screenshot below)
3. Afer you have entered your credentials hit connect
4. Open the DUO Mobile App on your phone (screenshot below)

Duo App

5. When the progress of the connection gets to 45% you will receive a prompt on your phone from the DUO Mobile App. You will need to hit approve (screenshot below)

Duo Pending Request Duo App Approve

How to interact with the DUO Mobile App - iPhone or Android

6. You are now connected to the VPN