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Requisition/Purchase Orders

Frequently asked questions

What is a requisition?
Requisition is an internal request created by a department for Purchasing to create a Purchase Order. A Requisition is not a Purchase Order and should not be treated as such.

In order to comply with Snow College policy, a requisition must be approved and a purchase order completed PRIOR to ordering any materials or services from a vendor with the exception of orders that are placed using a purchasing card or check request.

Requisitions are processed within 24 hours.

How do I enter a requisition?

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I can’t access the account I need to pay the good/service out of- what do I do?

Please contact Meghan White in our Controller’s office to receive access.



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This is how it works regardless of fund source or sourcing method

Requisition is a request for a purchase order. Purchase orders are used by the College to place orders. Transactions made using a P-Card or check request do not require a requisition. All other expenditures start with a requisition. It is against College policy to place an order prior to the creation and approval of a purchase order. Requisitions are not purchase orders and should not be treated as such.


Receiving goods and services

Materials and services must be marked "received" in the Banner system to authorize payment of the corresponding invoice(s).

Upon receiving your order, please make sure all items that were ordered are there and that all is in good condition. After inspecting, please email email address for this person that you have “received P00xxxxx)

This also applies to services. Once the work/service is complete, please email email address for this person that you have “received the services from P00xxxxx”

By doing this upon completion or receiving of items, it ensures that the vendor will be paid in a timely manner.

All invoices should be forwarded to Accounts Payable. Please make sure the purchase order number is listed on the invoice. Failure to forward invoices to Accounts Payable may result in delay or non-payment to the vendor.


Procurement Violation

Procurement Violations:

An unauthorized purchase is a purchase made without following the authorized procurement processes. 

An after-the-fact purchase occurs when a College employee places an order without first completing a requisition and receiving a purchase order.

After-the-fact and unauthorized purchases are violations of College policy and can create significant problems for the College.  In many cases, these violations:

Ways to Avoid Violations:

What to do if a violation occurs: