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Library Committee

Jon Ostler – Library Director

Adam Larsen - Division of Fine Arts, Communication, and New Media

Andy Naylor – Staff Representative

April Anderson – Division of Business and Applied Technology

Diane Ogden – Division of Humanities

Jed Rasmussen – Senate Faculty Representative

Scott Meek – Division of Natural Science and Mathematics

Vikki Masters – Division of Social and Behavioral Science


The Library Committee By-Laws

I. Purpose
The purpose of the Library Committee is to serve as an advisory body to the Library, which is an academic support program consisting of the Karen H. Huntsman Library and the Richfield Campus Library. The committee will represent the various constituencies making up the academic community, as stipulated in A – E, and serve as liaisons between the Library and those constituencies.

II. Organization
The Library Committee is a standing subcommittee of the Faculty Senate. It is composed of faculty, staff and student representatives. Each division will elect a faculty representative. The Faculty Senate will review membership as required. Members from Academic Support will be appointed by their directors.
The members of the committee shall elect a faculty member of the committee to serve as chair for a one-year (renewable) term at or before the first meeting each fall. To be eligible for election to the office of Chair of the Library Committee, a faculty member shall have been a member of the Library Committee during the year (August–May) previous to his or her election.
Terms of office for faculty division representatives to the Library Committee shall be two years (renewable). The division dean is not eligible for election to the Library Committee. If a committee member is unable to complete his or her term of office, the division involved shall elect a replacement to complete the term. Temporary vacancies shall be filled by election or appointment by the division Dean, as determined within each division.
A secretary will be provided by the Library Department or elected from the committee, at the committee’s choice.

The Library Committee will consist of representation from the following:

  1. One member from each of the teaching divisions
  2. One member from Academic Advisement
  3. Director of Libraries
  4. One member appointed by Faculty Senate
  5. One member of the Student Government

III. Duties of the Chair
The chair will be responsible for calling the committee into session and providing an agenda. The chair may invite interested parties to meet with the committee or sit with the committee on an ad hoc basis. The chair will speak for the committee and deliver copies of committee recommendation or other communication to the appropriate administrator or administrative body for action. He/she will receive decisions and/or input from the administrator or administrative body in question for the committee. The chair will see that a secretary records and circulates minutes and other pertinent information to the members of the committee, the Faculty Senate and other interested parties and that a record of all committee activities is maintained.

IV. Powers of the Members
Each member of the committee will have one vote on motions made by committee members. A motion passed by a majority of the voting members of the committee (not just a majority of those present) will constitute approval of recommendations to the appropriate administrator or administrative body.

V. Duties of the Committee
The committee will meet on a regularly scheduled basis or as necessary to carry out its responsibilities that may include the following:

  1. To review the activities of the Library on a regular basis to determine if the various elements are working in harmony to meet student and faculty needs.
  2. To recommend program changes (deletions, additions and modifications) to better serve students and faculty.
  3. To solicit input from the academic community concerning needs and concerns related to services provided/not provided.
  4. To periodically survey the academic community to determine how it views the services provided by the Library and to make recommendations, if necessary, to address needs identified in this manner.
  5. To review proposals submitted by the Library requesting support for program changes (deletions, additions and modifications) and decide whether the committee will or will not support such requests. If the Committee votes to support a proposal, this body would submit it as a recommendation to the appropriate administrator or administrative body for approval.
  6. To assist the Library in continually striving to be a valuable resource to students and faculty specifically and the institution in general.