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Josh Patterson

Josh Patterson

Josh Patterson is an award-winning storyteller, educator, and artist with a deep passion for theatre. His primary focus as an educator is to nurture students' growth as artists, scholars, and responsible citizens. He holds a BA in Theatre from the University of Florida, where he specialized in education, and an MA in Theatre from Utah State University.

While pursuing a PhD at Ohio State University, Josh reached the ABD (All But Dissertation) stage before prioritizing the care of his family. His research interests encompass theatre sociology, the theatre of sport, theatre and gaming, Commedia dell'arte, and the absurd. Through his studies, he explored the intricate relationship between theatre and society, shedding light on its transformative power.

Josh's extensive experience on stage includes professional work in scenic and prop construction, stage management, sound design, acting, writing, and directing. In the world of film, he has contributed his skills in set construction, art design, sound, grip, and electric departments. His work has been performed or presented on three continents, spanning across both coasts and numerous locations in between.

Beyond his academic and professional pursuits, Josh possesses a keen interest in role-playing tabletop gaming, digitally interactive theatre, and script translation and adaptation. He finds great joy in exploring diverse forms of storytelling and fostering interactive experiences.

Theatre holds a special place in Josh's heart because of its demand to be interpreted. He firmly believes that theatre has the power to enhance our capacity for empathy, enabling us to understand and connect with the unfamiliar aspects of the world we inhabit. Through his multifaceted contributions to the field, Josh strives to inspire others and create meaningful experiences that transcend boundaries.

Pleased to return to Snow College and be of service once again, Josh brings his wealth of knowledge and expertise. Having previously been a part of the Snow College community, he is excited to rejoin the institution and contribute to its growth.