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Kade Parry


Kade Parry

  • Assistant Professor, English
  • Phone: 435 283-7550
  • Office: Humanities and Fine Arts Building, HU-119E
  • E-mail: email address for this person
  • Master of Science in English, Utah State University, 2012
  • Bachelor of Science in English Education, Utah State University, 2010
  • Associate of Science, Snow College, 2008

A hometown kid, I grew up in Ephraim and actually began my college education as a student at Snow College. Ever since then, I’ve known that Snow College is a special place, and I’ve been grateful to teach here since 2012. I'm sincere when I tell people that I have the best job in the world!

I earned my master’s degree in English at Utah State University, where I studied Literature and Writing. In addition to my passion for literature and writing, I love rock n' roll, horror movies, and world travel–and I'm an avid sports fan. Of course, I am very passionate about teaching, and I look forward to exploring the endless complexities of literature and writing with my students for decades to come.


A little about the courses I teach:

ENGL 1010: Expository Composition- This course introduces students to college-level writing and prepares them for communicating, critically thinking, and writing throughout their education and future careers.

ENGL 2010: Intermediate Research Writing- To develop research skills, students in this course will learn to find, evaluate, use, and cite scholarly sources—in addition to writing persuasively.

ENGL 2200: Introduction to Literature- This course explores some of the best stories ever written, by some of the greatest authors of all time. Students will read and share their thoughts on short stories, novels, drama, and poetry.

ENGL 2130: Science Fiction Literature- Students will read about alien encounters, time travel, mad scientists, space exploration, artificial intelligence, and the apocalypse—all from some of the most imaginative authors of all time in an often-overlooked genre of literature: Science Fiction.

ENGL 2430: Gothic and Supernatural Literature- In this course, students will read and discuss three of the most iconic horror novels ever written—Frankenstein, Dracula, and Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde—and study several scary stories by such celebrated horror authors as Edgar Allan Poe, H. P. Lovecraft, Ray Bradbury, and Stephen King.

ENGL 2230: Classic Myths and Folktales- From Greek heroes, to Egyptian gods, to Norse mythology, to the beloved folktales of the Grimm Brothers, this course explores some of the longest enduring stories mankind has ever told. Students will analyze art and literature depicting gods, heroes, monsters, wars, and the afterlife—all in an attempt to better understand life, humanity, good, evil, love, and death.