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Snow College English Department Tutoring

The Writing Lab is a state-of-the-art computer lab and peer-tutoring center. Student writers come to the lab to write and revise their papers.

The lab is staffed by student tutors, usually English majors. Tutors learn their trade by enrolling in English 2950, Methods and Practice in Tutoring Writers. In this course, tutors review their own writing skills and then learn how to help struggling writers grow into better writers. Students who complete the training course are eligible for salaried employment in the lab in subsequent semesters.

Tutoring in the Writing Lab has several practical benefits. First, because many English majors end up pursuing careers in education, a tutoring experience can provide first-hand insights into the life of a writing instructor. A tutoring experience also looks very good when applying for a graduate teaching assistantship in English.

Tutoring also provides a deeper benefit. Few things are more satisfying than helping a schoolmate overcome the terror of finishing a difficult assignment. In fact—and we are not making this up—many experienced tutors who do not have time for a regular commitment will occasionally drop by the lab and tutor for free.

More information is available at the Writing Lab homepage.