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Weeds Literary Journal

Weeds, the Snow College literary journal, is a student production in every possible sense. The content is written by students and the magazine is staffed and produced by students. Many, though not all, of the works published in Weeds are originally composed for English 2250, Creative Writing. The position of editor-in-chief is awarded competitively.

We are readying ourselves to call for Weeds submissions for the 2020 edition of the literary journal. As part of our preparations, we would like to choose our editorial staff. We will first hire an editor-in-chief and then subject editors in fiction, creative non-fiction, poetry, art, and photography.

Students, working on Weeds is a great opportunity for gaining valuable team and editing experience. The editor-in-chief, as compensation, will have their Spring Semester textbooks paid for (up to $250). Experience with a campus journal looks great on a resume, and it is a fantastic way to engage with the artistic community at Snow. Best of all, it's a lot of fun. This does take a time commitment, especially in Spring 2020, but this is also a chance to add to your legacy at Snow College in a lasting way. Apply by October 14.

Submit applications to snowweedsjournal@gmail.com or drop them off at HU 127. You may also include a resume with the application.

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