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Snow College English Composition Program

Students who wish to complete an AA or AS degree at Snow College must meet a variety of General Education requirements. These requirements include English 1010 and English 2010.

English 0980

English 0980 is a basic writing course. It is designed for students who require further work to be ready for college-level writing. The course emphasizes paragraphing and sentence-level usage skills. It is strongly recommended for students who scored lower than 17 on the English portion of the ACT. It is required for students who scored 10 or below. No student who earned a low ACT score should register for English 1010 before completing English 0980.

English 1010

English 1010 is a foundational course in college-level writing. Students plan, draft, and revise several essays throughout the semester. They also improve reading and critical thinking skills. A student must earn a C- or better in English 1010 before enrolling in English 2010. Students may petition to skip English 1010 by scoring 29 or higher on the English section of the ACT and by taking an English placement exam in the testing center.

English 2010

English 2010 builds on reading, writing, and critical thinking skills that have been developed in English 1010. The course adds skills in academic research and writing from sources. Students will write at least one full-length research paper. A student must earn a C- or better in English 2010 to complete the writing portion of the General Education requirements.