Chemistry Courses

CHEM  1010  Introductory Chemistry PS
CHEM  1015  Introductory Chemistry Lab LB
CHEM  1110  Elementary Chemistry PS
CHEM  1115  Elementary Chemistry Lab LB
CHEM  1120  Elem Organic/Biochemistry PS
CHEM  1125  Elem Organic/Biochem Lab PS
CHEM  1210  Principles of Chemistry I PS
CHEM  1215  Prin of Chemistry Lab I LB
CHEM  1220  Principles of Chemistry II PS
CHEM  1225  Prin of Chemistry Lab II LB
CHEM  2310  Organic Chemistry I
CHEM  2315  Organic Chemistry Laboratory I
CHEM  2320  Organic Chemistry II
CHEM  2325  Organic Chemistry Lab II
CHEM  2906  In-depth Investigation in Chem