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The planetarium does not have a college-funded permanent annual budget yet, so we ask for your help. We have student employees that need to be paid, and we have periodic maintenance, service, and upgrades on the equipment. We also like to acquire new movies occasionally.

We always welcome your contributions which go 100% to supporting the planetarium. You make it possible to cover operational costs and continue our outreach efforts. Even small donations make a difference. Thank you!

The process is simple and quick: visit this secure web page and put in your card information. A QR code on the planetarium wall will get you to the donation page immediately after the show.

While we welcome contributions at public shows they are not required (public shows really are free). But if you desire to help, we have a donation box for cash at the public shows, or you can use this web page to donate online.

For private shows we suggest a minimum donation of $25 per show (not per individual); use this web page to donate online. Public school groups or groups for which the donation would be a hardship can request a waiver or accommodation by contacting the planetarium director.

Thank you for your generosity!