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Private Shows

The Planetarium Dome Theater may be reserved for private shows by school groups, youth groups, community and civic groups, church groups, and family groups of about 25 individuals. To schedule a private show, first check availability on our ShowDome google calendar, then contact the Planetarium Director, Larry Smith, by email at planetarium @, or by phone at 283-7510. Please schedule early. The planetarium director will add your show to the google calendar. Be aware that our staff has other obligations, so not all times will be available.

Look over the list of planetarium shows and choose one that fits your group.

The planetarium holds 25 adults in chairs or about 40 small children on the floor. If your group is bigger than this, we will need to split your group up; you can contact our Division Outreach Coordinator (mark.waegner @, (435) 283-7045) regarding other possible activities for half your group while the other half is in the planetarium.

If your group is much smaller than 25 it would be better to simply reserve tickets to one of our public shows

Suggested Donation: For private groups we suggest a minimum donation of $25 per show to help cover costs of operating the planetarium. You can donate online here. Public school groups or groups for which the donation would be a hardship can request a waiver or accommodation by contacting the planetarium director.

Be sure to check the Frequently Asked Questions about attending the planetarium before you arrive. 

We also have free public shows on a rotating basis.