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Snow College Planetarium

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Snow College Planetarium

Public shows

Public shows are offered many evenings. All public shows are free of charge, but tickets are required so we can anticipate the size of the audience. Click the blue button below to reserve free tickets. 

Public shows are scheduled for the following dates:
  • Wednesday, February 21,  7:00 pm  Perfect Little Planet [good for kids]
  • Wednesday, February 21,  8:00 pm  Two Small Pieces of Glass
  • Tuesday, February 27,  7:00 pm  Light Years from Andromeda
  • Tuesday, February 27,  8:00 pm   Birth of Planet Earth
  • Tuesday, March 12,  7:00 pm  Ultimate Universe
  • Tuesday, March 12,  8:00 pm  Tales of a Time Traveler
  • Wednesday, March 20,  7:00 pm  Cosmology
  • Wednesday, March 20,  8:00 pm  Exploding Universe

Reserve Free Tickets

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Partial funding generously donated by:

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Some funding for fulldome shows provided by grants from the following organizations:

STEM Action Center Utah


American Geophysical Union

American Geophysical Union

Utah NASA Space Grant Consortium
Hawks Family Charity Fund


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