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How to Jump Start Your Job Search During Spring Break

How to Jump Start Your Job Search During Spring Break
Make a splash in the job scene before you make a splash in the pool during your spring break. If you are still looking for an entry level job or a career after graduation, spring break gives you the time you need to get your job search rolling. Don’t wait until after graduation to try and find a summer job. Most employers will begin scrolling through applicants or offering positions before summer begins.

Figure out what you want to do

Figuring out what you want to do can be the hardest step when trying to find a career or entry-level job. Jump on opportunities when they arise and don’t be extra picky on your job choice. All jobs provide chances for you to learn and can lead to better options for you in the future.

Work on your resume

Taking the time to finish or update your resume prepares you to apply for jobs before deadlines hit. The sooner it is finished, the sooner the application process can begin. If you haven’t yet created a resume, start with a great format and the context will be more easily established.

Get connected and apply for jobs

Take the extra time to network and let others know that you are looking for a job. Connect with professors, businesses, family, and friends. More people are willing to help than you realize, and they just might have tools or connections that get you the job you want.


The Career Center is open during spring break and career advisors can assist you. Visit us in Ephraim at the Career Center building located behind the Business Building, or in Richfield’s Washburn room 155.