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We got you covered - more than 2K professional positions and 800+ paid internships are posted on Badger Handshake right now. Login with your campus credentials.
Student jobs open August 1

Student jobs open August 1

Did you know that more than 700 students work on campus? Jobs officially open on August 1 in Badger Handshake (see link next to this article). Behind every one job posting might be 1 to 20 jobs in activity center, library, athletics, tutoring, office clerks, testing center, video conferencing (IVC), and more! All jobs require a resume and most want a cover letter. Use your summer to fill out your Handshake jobseeker profile, upload your resume, and do a basic cover letter you can rewrite quickly to apply for each job. For templates on resumes and cover letters go to our Student Resources link below.

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If you have a story or story idea, contact the Career Center at 435-893-2212.

Virtual Alumni Career Fair
Activate your student job seeker account! Job postings, career fair dates, and more are waiting for you at Hit the Login Handshake button, and use firstname.lastname and password to start applying for careers, paid internships, part-time jobs, or campus jobs.

We connect students and employers to careers, campus jobs, and paid internships. We will teach you how to create resumes and cover letters, gain new job search skills, network with professionals and employers, and research career choices and the labor market. Please explore the menu below to find out more:

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StandOut and show employers what you have to offer. The Career Center offers online mock interview software. Build confidence in your interviewing and communication skills while you respond and record practice interviews from your own laptop or phone in a safe, secure environment. Contact the Career Center at 435-283-7648 to create an account and get started today.

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