Career Blog

  • Make Your Commute More Productive

    If you ride a train, bus, or get a ride from a friend to go to work, there is a way to make the most out of your commute. Your commute can become extremely productive and not a waste of time.

  • Dressing Right for the Job

    Knowing what to wear to work can be tricky.It's important to know the proper attire for work. Whether you like it or not, what you wear to work has a hand in the success you have in the workplace.

  • Why Personality Assessments are Beneficial to Students

    Focus 2, the personality assessment offered by the Career Center, gives students a way to help choose their majors and explore career paths. It also provides insights into who they are as individuals.

  • Preparing After Applications are Submitted

    Job seekers know that employment documents need to be refined to stand out in a crowd of applicants, but not everyone prepares for what will happen after these documents are submitted.

  • How to Jump Start Your Job Search During Spring Break

    Make a splash in the job scene before you make a splash in the pool during your spring break. If you are still looking for an entry level job or a career after graduation, spring break gives you the time you need to get your job search rolling.

  • What do Career Advisors Do?

    Trying to find a job or complete a resume on your own may be difficult if you are too stubborn to ask for help. A great option to receive such help can come from Career Advisors at the college you attend, and graduates are not excluded from this benefit.

  • Applying for Jobs over the Holidays

    The semester is ending, and the holiday break is right around the corner. Here are a few reasons why you should keep your job hunt moving forward over the holidays.

  • Balancing School and Work

    We have some tips that can help you get everything done and still have time to watch your favorite show.

  • Badger Handshake

    Linking students to thousands of new employers, Badger Handshake is the new way to apply for on campus jobs, local jobs, and other jobs all over the country.

  • Cleaning Up Social Media

    When it comes to social media platforms, potential employers are finding out more about ourselves than we would like. It is important to clean up our accounts so we are not discarded applicants.