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Make Your Commute More Productive

Make Your Commute More Productive

If you ride a train, bus, or get a ride from a friend to go to work, there is a way to make the most out of your commute. Your commute can become extremely productive and not a waste of time.

Catch up on the little things. Depending on how long your commute is, you may have the extra time to reply to emails, make and take calls, or catch up on projects.

Listen to a podcast or a book. Take the time to listen to what will keep you informed and will inspire you. Many resources are available that can give you the motivation you need for the day.

Set a goal for that day. Begin the day with the end in mind. Know what you would like to have accomplished by the time the day is done.

Network and socialize. You may be carpooling with someone on your commute. Make sure to socialize with them and make connections, you never know how they can help you later down the road. You may even be able to pick their brain for issues in your work and personal life.

Brainstorm. If you are traveling alone, use your time to brainstorm and tap into your creativity. With no co-workers, meetings, or customers to distract you, it will be easier to let your creative juices flow.

See how much more productive you can make your day. All of that travel time adds up and it is up to you to turn your own commute into an opportunity.


For more tips and tricks, visit the Snow College Career Center in Ephraim behind the Business Building or in Richfield in the Washburn Building room 155.