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Why Personality Assessments are Beneficial to Students

Why Personality Assessments are Beneficial to Students
Focus 2, the personality assessment offered by the Career Center, gives students a way to help choose their majors and explore career paths. It also provides insights into who they are as individuals.

Findings from psychologist D’Achiardi-Ressler and colleagues show that 61% of Focus 2 users never changed their major while 78% of non-users did change their major. Students are also more likely to earn higher grades and be more satisfied in their career.

Tim Chamberlain, Director of the Utah SBDC at Snow College, said, “An advantage of taking a personality assessment is the knowledge you learn about yourself. The more you understand about yourself and what makes you tick or what makes you happy, the better you can put yourself into situations that will benefit you the most. You will also gain confidence in yourself which in turn gives you power to become more successful in whatever you are doing.”

Having career goals increases success and motivation in students. Gaining a better sense of identity allows students to select careers that are more in line with their interests and know their strengths and weaknesses.

“When a person focuses on their weaknesses, they can learn to overcome them, but it is hard and may take a lot of effort and time,” said Chamberlin, “However, if you focus on your strengths, you can quickly excel at them and turn them into your super power. If you want to shine and make a difference, it will take much less effort if you are naturally good at something. Building your strengths is focusing on becoming the best you.”


To take the Focus 2 assessment, visit and use the access code gobadgers. For further help, see career advisors in Ephraim in the Career Center behind the Business Building or in Richfield in the Washburn Building 155.