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StandOut and show employers what you have to offer. The Career Center offers free online mock interview software. Build confidence in your interviewing and communication skills while you respond and record practice interviews from your own laptop or phone in a safe, secure environment.

More than a recorded practice interview, StandOut’s leading edge technology converts your interview session into text to show you ways to improve enunciation, avoid your overused keywords, and suggest alternative phrasing to better state your skills and strengths. You may record multiple times. You may also invite a Career Center advisor or a faculty mentor to view your practice interview and coach you to improve.

Once you are comfortable with the practice interview, you can choose to share it with employers. StandOut removes scheduling barriers for both you and the employer so you can do the interview when you are available! You can present your enthusiasm, knowledge and strengths that a one-page resume won’t cover.

You are more than your resume! To get started, contact the Career Center at 435-283-7648 to create an account.