Change of Address

You can have your mail forwarded TO Snow from an old address, as well as FROM Snow to a new address. This is done by USPS and not Snow College. When you leave Snow College, you will still need to close your box with Mail Services. Forwarding services are good for up to 18 months. However, you should not rely on the service for longer then 3 months. As mail comes to you that has been forwarded, it is your responsibility to update the sender with the correct address. Packages received by Snow after you have left will be returned to sender or charged an $8 processing fee plus postage to have the package re-addressed and re-shipped.

To have USPS to forward your mail to or from Snow College, you will need to fill out a change of address form. Be sure that you fill this form out correctly. If you are coming TO Snow, your new address is JUST your PO Box. If you are LEAVING Snow College, your OLD address is JUST your PO Box number. DO NOT use any form of 150 E college Ave on ANY part of the form.

You can access the form by clicking the image below.