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What is my address?

If you are a student and you have signed up for a Campus Mail Slot, your address is in the email sent to you. The address will look like the following:

Student Mail Center 
150 E College Ave Ephraim UT 84627

Make sure to include Student Mail Center. Any mail sent to just 150 College Ave without this designation runs a high risk of being returned to the sender.

Do not use your housing address for mail. Mail cannot be delivered to the dorms. Any mail sent to a dorm address runs a high risk of being returned to the sender.

Why can’t I use my dorm address for mail?

Snow College dorms are secure facilities and do not have mail receptacles. Because of this, Snow College offers the PO Box service FREE to students. If you live in a dorm and want to receive mail, you will need to sign up for a PO Box.

When is the mail ready to be picked up?

Mail is delivered several times a day from 5 different carriers. No one carrier delivers at a specific time, day in and day out. On average it takes about 60-90 minutes from the time the carrier drops their load for mail being completely processed and ready for pick up.

Average arrival times are as follows:

What if my shipper won’t accept a PO Box?

If you give your PO Box address to someone or put it into a system, and you’re instructed to use a physical address or instructed that a PO Box will not work, then you may use the following:

150 College Ave Apt. #XXXX
Ephraim UT 84627

Again, the four X’s will be replaced with the four digit number written on the card or email that was given to you. Make sure you put an Apartment number. Any mail sent to just 150 College Ave that does not belong to faculty or staff runs a high risk of being returned to the sender. Do not use your housing address for mail. Mail cannot be delivered to the dorms. Any mail sent to a dorm address will be returned to sender.

Do I need to register for a Campus Mail Slot every semester?

NO! You will however need to register for a slot if at any point you have let your registration go inactive. This means picking up mail and packages in a timely manner. If things are left sitting for long periods of time, we assume the registration is no longer active and will discontinue services.

How do I pick up my mail and packages?

All mail is kept in the Mail Service office. The mail is organized alphabetically. You will present your Student ID to the staff at the window. The staff will then check for both first class flats as well as packages. If we have something pending pickup we will grab it for you. You will need to sign for any packages.

Can I share a mail slot with my roommate/friend? Sibling? Spouse?

Only married couples are allowed to “share” a registration. If you feel you have special circumstances that should be considered, please speak with Mail Service Management.

How do I know if my package is ready to be picked up?

The best way to know when to pick up your package is to follow the tracking number. Once the tracking says it’s delivered, Please give Mail Services time to process your piece. You can find information on individual carrier delivery times here. The next best way to know if your package is here is simply to come ask. It takes very little time and we can try and answer any questions you might have.

How much will it cost to ship my package?

Unfortunately this is not a question we can answer without having the actual piece in our office. Different weights and destinations ship for different prices.

Can I ship my UPS or Fed Ex box here?

Absolutely! As long as your package has a pre-paid label for UPS or FedEx, we would be glad to send it out for you!

Can Mail Services create a Fed EX/ UPS label for me?

Unfortunately we cannot. BUT you can create a label for yourself by clicking here.

I want to ship a package with Fed Ex/UPS. How can I get a label?

You can create a label here.

If a package is sent to Snow after I have left, can I have it forwarded to a new address?

Packages received by Snow College Mail Services after a student has left Snow will be processed 1 of 3 ways. If a student contacts us before the piece is actually received, Mail Services can hold the piece for pick up in person. If prior arrangements have not been made, Mail Services reserves the right to return the piece to the original sender. If the package has not been returned and the student would like the piece sent to the correct address, Mail Services will charge an $8 processing fee PLUS postage. The package will not be processed until proof of payment has been received by Mail Service Management. After 5 business days without proof of payment, the package will be returned to sender.

Can a friend pick up my mail or packages for me?

Unfortunately no. Mail Services cannot give out mail or packages without matching photo ID. This means the name in our system must match the name on the package and the name on the ID as well as the picture on the ID must match the face at the window.

Is Mail Services open on Holidays?

Our hour vary depending on the holiday. To view a full description of our Holiday schedule, click here.

Will I receive a notification when a package comes for me?

You may receive a notice for packages and first class mail from Mail Services to the email that you used to register. You may receive a notice from the carrier. However make sure to give us plenty of time to process the piece before coming to pick it up.