Photo ID is required to pick up ANY package.
Mail Services cannot be held responsible for the spoil of perishable items shipped to students.

Students are required to check their box at least once every 2 weeks. Mail Services reserves the right to close the box and return all mail should the box become to full for additional mail. Boxes where the student will not be here during the summer to actively check for mail will be closed.

We will not check the back of students boxes for mail. We will not check a students buddy’s mail box to see if they have mail. This is a breach in policy and we cannot oblige. If you have lost your combo card it will cost $2.00 to replace.

Students are instructed to NOT use 150 College Ave as their address. This is the address for Snow College. Mail sent to this address that does not belong to Snow College faculty or staff will be returned to the sender. If students need a physical address, please see What if my shipper wont accept a PO Box?” in our FAQ section.

Any packages that are sent through the Richfield Courier, for Departments only, must be processed through Ephraim Mail Services first. Packages coming from Richfield will be delivered to Mail Services for department delivery. Any packages that are time sensitive can be arranged for special delivery if communicated to Mail Services. Packages that need to go to Richfield need to be in the mailroom prior to couriers arrival. These can be left in outgoing mail, brought directly to Mail Services or, if arranged ahead of time, through a special pick up.

During winter break and summertime, mail will be delivered as scheduled for buildings that remain open and have workrooms available to leave mail. If the building or workroom is locked we will deliver mail when it is reopened. During these breaks, employees are welcome to pick up their mail in the Mail Room. The Mail Room will not accept keys to any of the buildings. We will however accept digital access codes.

Departments must notify the Mail Room by phone or email, when package(s) are being delivered that may be hazardous, require refrigeration/freezing, or need special attention.

Campus communications involving official campus business will be delivered to campus mail boxes. Only official campus correspondence is to be sent through campus mail in "campus communications" envelopes. Do not send campus mail to just a name; please include the department name or department box number as well as the person's name. Please separate mail going to campus addresses from that going off campus. That way you will not be charged postage for on campus mail.

Mail Services is designed to care for Student and official college mail. Should college employees wish to have personal mail sent to work, they need to make prior arrangements with Mail Services. This allows us to best serve both the college and the employees.