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Drug and Alcohol Abuse / Misuse

Substances are not just the numerous drugs that can be snorted, injected, or ingested but also applies to legal drugs taken inappropriately, which includes the misuse of alcohol and tobacco (see Student Code of Conduct). There are many resources available to help students who are using or misusing substances.

Young people who try illegal and legal substances can easily begin to misuse these substances. College presents stressors that sometimes influence students to abuse these substances in order to feel more comfortable, increase performance, or "belong" to a group of people. The misuse of drugs and alcohol while at college severely affect a person's present and future success physically, emotionally, mentally, and socially.

When asked why they used and/or abused substances many young adults responded this way:

  • I smoke cigarettes to stay thin.
  • I started smoking in high school and the stress of college prevents me from quitting.
  • I drop ecstasy to dance all night.
  • I smoke heroin to feel no pain in my life.
  • I drink because my friends do.
  • I smoke pot to relax.
  • Drugs help me to be less bored.
  • I take drugs our of curiosity; it is a part of the college experience.

Solutions for dealing with Substance Abuse and Misuse 

  • Talk openly and honestly about your substance use and abuse.
  • Find healthy alternatives for you and your friends (sports, movies, etc.)
  • Ask others (professors, staff, a counselor, or a friend) to help you.
  • Talk openly with others about your fears, doubts, frustrations, and pain.
  • Encourage yourself and others to develop honest relationships with their parents, siblings, and other friends.
  • Make sure your expectations for school and career are realistic. Don't create a schedule well beyond your physical limitations.
  • Educate yourself on substances and their use and misuse.
  • Discover the underlying reason you use drugs (lonely, difficulty socially, low self-esteem, pain, etc.)
  • Prime for Life classes are offered twice yearly. Schedule for an upcoming class contact the Counseling Center. 

Get help. Call the Counseling and Wellness Center at 435-283-7136.