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Drug and Alcohol Abuse/Misuse

Solutions to dealing with abuse and misuse

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1. Consider why you use drugs

Those who use drugs and alcohol often have an underlying reason (loneliness, social difficulties, low self-esteem, pain, etc.); ask yourself what your reason is.

2. Talk openly about your struggles

Be honest about your substance use and abuse. Discuss your fears, doubts, frustrations, and pain with others.

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3. Find healthy alternatives

Find something you enjoy doing (playing sports, watching movies, etc.); one of the best ways to get rid of a bad habit is to replace it with a positive one.

4. Know your limitations

Make sure your expectations for school and career are realistic; don't create a schedule well beyond your physical limitations.

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5. Develop a support system

Encourage yourself to develop honest relationships with parents, siblings, and other friends. Ask others (professors, staff, a counselor, or a friend) to help you.

Special thanks to Lisa Laird, MA, Snow College for this information.

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