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And management suggestions

person's head with little plus signs of healing.

1. Focus on the good

Notice aspects of your life worth honoring and celebrating. Put things in your schedule to look forward to!

2. Be conscious of your negative thoughts

Recognize the internal negative voice of depression and name it "depression". Learn to give less credibility to that voice when it speaks to you.

A person with thought bubbles and negitive signs inside of them.
Three human outlines and a heart outline behind them.

3. Focus on relationships

Stay socially connected in some way to other people. Talk with them about the depression in moderation.

4. Take care of yourself physically

Exercise, eat well, and develop a regular sleep schedule. Too many students suffer mild forms of depression because they are not taking good care of their physical self.

A fork and a dumbell weight crossed over eachother.
A sun on the horizion of the ocean.

5. Get some fresh air

Get out of your apartment or dorm room for at least one hour every day, and remember to keep your living quarters clean! Our environment can have a huge impact on our mental health.

6. Make an appointment with us!

If you find yourself in the depression trap — get help!

Special thanks to Lisa Laird, MA, Snow College for this information.

A calender with a apointment on the one of the dates.

Contact us at 435.283.7136