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Unique Academic Programs and Opportunities

Academic Clubs

Academic Clubs allow students to apply classroom and laboratory learning in fun settings where students can use their newly acquired skills.  Clubs exist in agriculture, dance, engineering, business, family studies, French, Japanese/Anime, Natural Resources, Psychology, Spanish and Theatre.  For more information, click


Center for Global Engagement (CGE)

The Center for Global Engagement serves international students from over 40 countries around the globe and is dedicated to providing global engagement experiences for all Snow College students.  CGE approaches each student as a unique individual with outstanding potential to enrich the educational experience at Snow College.  CGE works collaboratively with faculty, student groups, and departments throughout Snow College to provide and support meaningful global activities, discussions, projects, and opportunities for the Snow College community.  Click for more information.


The Center for New Media

The Center for New Media is an interdisciplinary center that allows students to create and explore using traditional media in conjunction with the latest technologies to produce images, film, audio, animation, graphics, advertising, and other types of sensory projects.  For more information, click


Gender Studies

The Snow College Gender Studies Initiative seeks to engage in meaningful and explorative dialogue about the many and complex facets of gender identity and gendered representation using an interdisciplinary approach. The focus is on knowledge and discovery, as well as action through rigorous academic research and civic engagement.  Click for more information.


General Education Certificate

Snow College offers a certificate of completion in general education.  The certificate is recognized by all other public colleges and universities within the state of Utah as a completion of general education requirements.  This means you do not have to take any complete any general education requirements when you transfer to a four-year college.  For more information, please click


International Cinema

Come join us Tuesday and Wednesday evenings at 7:30 pm in the Huntsman Library Auditorium for an international movie series featuring great films from around the world. Films will be shown in their original language with subtitles in English.  Admission is free.  Snow College's International Cinema is co-sponsored by the Department of Foreign Languages and the Spanish, French, Italian, and Japan clubs.  For more information, click


KAGJ: Snow College’s Radio Station

KAGJ-FM 88.9, the Kage, is Snow College's radio station run exclusively by students for students and the surrounding area including most of Sanpete and Sevier Counties.  Every effort is made to create a professional radio environment for learning.  Students have a lot of fun, but also learn and develop the skills, techniques and discipline necessary to enter the professional field of radio broadcasting.  For more information, click


Rural Health Scholars

Interested in being a doctor?  Nurse?  Dentists?  Dental Assistant?  Pharmacist?  Speech Pathologist?  Our Rural Health Scholars program is designed to give students preparing for careers in health care opportunities for service, leadership and exposure to various careers in health care.  For more information, click


Service Learning

Service-learning is a high-impact teaching method that combines community service with academic instruction.  Snow’s Civic Engagement & Service Learning Program (CE&SL) helps students develop their critical thinking and leadership skills through intellectual, moral, and civic learning to create a rigorous and rewarding academic experience.  CE&SL enables students to take what they’re learning in the classroom and apply it through meaningful, hands-on projects that connect them with the community and help them prepare for professional and civic life beyond college. Click for more information.


Snow College Dance Ensemble

Snow College Dance Ensemble provides students with the unique opportunity to experience dance in a professional setting. Our Dance Ensemble members are more than performers. They are also organizers, promoters, choreographers, sound engineers and costume designers. Our busy season includes several dance concerts at the Eccles Center for the Performing Arts, a concert of Student Choreography at the Granary Arts Center, a Snow You Think You Can Dance Fundraiser/Event, multiple performances and classes at the American College Dance Association Conference and ongoing outreach activities with local high schools including Wasatch Academy, Manti High School and Springville High School. As a result of this well-rounded education many of the former Dance Ensemble members successfully continue their dance paths as professional performers, choreographers and dance scholars.  For more information, click


Snow College Honors Program

The Snow College Honors Program is an exciting educational opportunity available to any student entering the college with a strong academic record.

The Honors Program offers:

  • Small classes
  • Vigorous discussion
  • Close interaction with faculty
  • Scholarships
  • Peer-encouraged learning
  • Out-of-class learning opportunities
  • Social gatherings

Click for more information.


Snowdrift—The Snow College Student Newspaper

The quality of our paper is outstanding and is completely produced by students attending Snow College.  Professor Sandra Cox leads a team of editors, managers, writers, photographers, advertisement specialists, and production members who create a weekly edition of brightly illustrated, engaging journalism. Each paper deals with unique student issues at Snow College and notable national or worldwide events.  For more information, click


Snow T.V.

Snow TV currently produces programming of Snow College based events for airing on CentraCom and Manti Telephone cable that serves the major portions of Sanpete and Sevier Counties as well as portions of Juab and Millard Counties.  The programs produced by Snow TV include football games, concerts, weekly convocations, volleyball games, weekly business seminars, men's and women's basketball games, dance recitals, international cinema introductions, softball games and other student productions.  Students involved with Snow TV receive guidance and supervision with the latest technologies in HD shooting and editing, as well as working in streaming live events and creating post-produced programs in a variety of contexts.  For more information, click


Student Art Galleries

Snow College is well known for its exceptional visual arts program.  Students who create art are eligible to display their work in the Snow College Art Gallery, the Student Art Gallery Annex, or the Altspace Student Gallery.  For more information, click


Weeds: The Literary Journal of Snow College

Weeds, the Snow College literary journal, is a student production in every possible sense. The content is written entirely by students, and the magazine is staffed and produced by students. For more information, click