Visual Arts Department

Snow College Visual Arts offers a curriculum designed to provide all students with a general understanding of the principles of art which have fashioned the visual world around us. For art majors, the department provides the foundation art core for the first two years of college study. Emphasis is placed on teaching the fundamentals of art: drawing and composition as well as development of creative skills and exploration of media. It is the goal of the department to expose students to the tools and knowledge necessary to succeed in further study in any art related field they wish to pursue.

Snow College Visual Arts also offers a unique experience for art majors to begin their artistic development in small classes with maximum individual contact with instructors. A number of scholarships are available to qualified art majors each year. Students who complete an emphasis in art can expect to successfully transfer as a junior to a university art program being as well prepared or better than if they had begun at the university level.

Snow College Visual Arts educates students in the principles of concept, materials, history, and critical theory. The department promotes the active pursuit of excellence and independent inquiry of visual dialog in an interdisciplinary environment. The student is considered an artist in progress and an integral part of an evolving community of artists and ideas crossing political, social, and cultural boundaries.