Horne School of Music Preparatory Division Registration

General Guidelines for Private Lessons, Payments, and Refunds 1. General: Students will be given a 30 minute private lesson time slot once a week. The student is expected to arrive on time and will be held to their 30 minute time slot regardless of a late starting time. In the event that an instructor is tardy, the missed time will be made up in full by the instructor or the student will receive partial to full reimbursement. 2. Expectations: Teachers will expect students to be punctual, attentive, and receptive to instruction. The student should expect the instructor to be patient, informative, and knowledgeable. All teachers are expected to keep accurate records of activities during weekly lessons and student progress. Such records will be made available to parents and faculty upon request. 3. Missed or Cancelled Lessons: There will be no refunds for missed or cancelled lessons; however, there will be one make-up lesson day provided at the end of the semester. Beyond that, make up lessons will be provided only if scheduling permits and is not required of the teacher. If a teacher is forced to cancel a lesson for personal reasons and a make-up lesson is not available, full reimbursement for the missed lesson will be given to the student by the Horne Youth Conservatory of Music. Teachers may excuse a student from a lesson for any reason and reschedule if he/she so chooses and scheduling permits. Students must cancel at least 24 hours prior to a lesson or the teacher will not reschedule the lesson. 4. Payments: Payment for the entire semester should be paid in full before any private lessons are taught to the student. If a student wishes to pay on a monthly basis, full payment for the entire month is due at the first lesson of every month. No lessons will be taught unless payment has been received. Parents/students are encouraged not to pay the instructor directly; however, in event such payment is necessary it should be enclosed in a sealed envelope. A receipt from the Horne Youth Conservatory of Music shall be given for any payment collected. 5. Refunds: There will be no refunds given for missed or canceled lessons. If a student decides not to take lessons, a full refund will only be before the start of the semester. The Horne Youth Conservatory of Music must be notified before the first day of lessons. If the Horne Youth Conservatory of Music is notified about a students decision not to enroll in private lessons on the first day of lessons or later, only 50% of the fee will be refunded. 6. Grievances: All parents/student grievances or concerns regarding any instructor should be expressed to the Director of the Horne Youth Conservatory of Music, Dr. Elaine Jorgensen 283-7471 . The Snow College Music Faculty will review each grievance and appropriate actions will be taken. Please report problems or concerns promptly to help us solve them quickly.