Horne School of Music Faculty

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Full Time Music Faculty

Dr. Vance Larsen

Horne School of Music Chairman

Dr. David C Fullmer

Director of Bands

Dr. Trent Hanna

Director of Theory/Composition

Dr. Michael Huff

Director of Choral Activities

Philip Kuehn

Director of Jazz Studies

Dr. Madeline Johnson


Dr. Brent Smith

Director of Orchestra/Theory/History

Brian Stucki

Vocal Area Director

Ben Harris

Assistant Professor of Music Technology and Business 

Adjunct Faculty

Jody Allred - Vocal
Jack Ashton - Violin, Viola
Dan Bachelder - Low Brass
Lara Billings - Vocal
David Blackinton - Trumpet
Greg Boothe - Class Guitar
Cherie Call Anderson - Songwriting
Patrick Cornelius - Saxophone
Kathy Colton - French Horn
Jerry Dahl - Vocal
Rich Dixon - Guitar
Ruth Ellis - Vocal
Lucas Florin - Oboe
Jamie Glaser - Guitar
Sara Gunnell -Violin
Brian Hicks - Bassoon
Susan Huff - Vocal                          
Melvin Jones - Trumpet
Elaine Jorgensen - Flute
Jace Krogh - Tech Classes
John Kuchenmeister - Live Sound Production
Jay Lawrence - Percussion
Amy Ctibor Leininger - Flute
Stephen Lyman - Percussion                   
Jennifer Madsen - Vocal
John Miller - Marching Band
Whitney Pizza - Piano
Josh Rasmussen - Music Education
Tammy Robinson - Vocal
Clayne Robison - Vocal
Vivian Robison - Vocal
Melanie Shore - Jazz Piano
Marcie Smith - Class Piano
Matthew Struthers - Tech Classes
Tamara Tanner - Violin
Jory Woodis - Saxophone
Sherry Nielson
Fine Arts Adminstrative Assistant
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Barbara Dalene
Student Success Advisor
435-283-7309 ( email address for this person)