Horne School of Music Faculty

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Full Time Music Faculty

Dr. Vance Larsen

Horne School of Music Chairman

Dr. David C Fullmer

Director of Bands

Dr. Trent Hanna

Director of Theory/Composition

Ted Hinckley

Director of Music Technology, Music Business

Dr. Michael Huff

Director of Choral Activities

Philip Kuehn

Director of Jazz Studies

Dr. Madeline Johnson


Dr. Brent Smith

Director of Orchestra/Theory/History

Brian Stucki

Vocal Area Director

Adjunct Faculty

Jody Allred - Vocal
Jack Ashton - Violin, Viola
Dan Bachelder - Low Brass
Lara Billings - Vocal
David Blackinton - Trumpet
Greg Boothe - Class Guitar
Cherie Call Anderson - Songwriting
Patrick Cornelius - Saxaphone
Kathy Colton - French Horn
Jerry Dahl - Vocal
Rich Dixon - Guitar
Ruth Ellis - Vocal
Lucas Florin - Oboe
Jamie Glaser - Guitar
Sara Gunnell -Violin
Brian Hicks - Bassoon
Susan Huff - Vocal                          
Melvin Jones - Trumpet
Elaine Jorgensen - Flute
Jace Krogh - Tech Classes
John Kuchenmeister - Live Sound Production
Jay Lawrence - Percussion
Amy Ctibor Leininger - Flute
Stephen Lyman - Percussion                   
Jennifer Madsen - Vocal
John Miller - Marching Band
Whitney Pizza - Piano
Josh Rasmussen - Music Education
Tammy Robinson - Vocal
Clayne Robison - Vocal
Vivian Robison - Vocal
Melanie Shore - Jazz Piano
Marcie Smith - Class Piano
Matthew Struthers - Tech Classes
Tamara Tanner - Violin
Jory Woodis - Saxophone
Sherry Nielson
Fine Arts Adminstrative Assistant
435-283-7472 ( email address for this person)