Kent Bean

Associate Professor English
Phone: 435 283-7437
Office: Humanities and Fine Arts Building, HUM-133
Mail Stop: HUM 1037
E-mail: email address for this person

Courses Taught Fall 2019

Courses Taught Spring 2020

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BA in English, Utah State University

MA in American Literature, Brigham Young University

PhD in American Culture Studies, Bowling Green State University

About Me: 

Hello, I'm Professor Bean and I taught at Snow College as an adjunct during the fall of 2000 and winter of 2001. I returned to teach full time in the fall of 2005 after getting a Ph.D. in the wonderful state of Ohio. I love Sanpete County and the students who make Snow College their home for two years. As an English teacher, I strive to prepare students to succeed as writers in other classes. I also hope to inculcate a love of literature in those students who take my literature courses. In the fall I teach an Early American Literature course, and in the spring I teach a Science Fiction Literature course. I encourage students to stop by my office and spend some time bending my ear about the latest American or Sci-fi novel.