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Applying for Jobs over the Holidays

Applying for Jobs over the Holidays
The semester is ending, and the holiday break is right around the corner. Many students take a break from job hunting during this time. It can be hard to juggle between studying for finals and getting ready for the holidays. To add job searching to your list of things to do can be daunting, but if done, is very rewarding. Here are just a few reasons why you should keep your job hunt moving forward:


Employers are Hiring. Contrary to what some people think, employers are still hiring during the holiday season. Check job boards regularly to find the jobs that employers are hiring for during this busy time of year. Even a temporary job can turn into a permanent one.

Less Competition. Even though it may be hard to fit job searching into your busy holiday schedule, you may get opportunities that you would not get other times of the year because the candidate pool was more competitive. Many qualified candidates put their job hunt off to only focus on the season so the candidate pool becomes much smaller.

More Networking Opportunities. There are many social and holiday events that companies have during this time of year that you can attend. Use this time to network. Many people are willing to help you out when you connect with them, especially during the giving season.

To kick your holiday job search into gear, use your Snow College job seeker account. It is waiting for you at to activate with by using your Snow College username and campus password.


For further inquiries visit us in Ephraim in the Career Center in the west portable behind the Business Building or in Richfield in the Washburn Building 155.