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Balancing School and Work

Balancing School and Work
After a long day of classes and homework, it is understandable that all you want to do is relax and watch a little Netflix. With school, friends, and activities all demanding your attention, it is difficult to balance and prioritize everything you need to do, especially when you have a job on top of everything else. We have some tips that can help you get everything done and still have time to watch your favorite show.

1. Create a study workplace. Having a designated spot to get your work done helps keep you from distractions and remain productive.
2. Organize your priorities. Organizing and writing down tasks starting with your highest priorities will help you to know what to tackle first.
3. Become a master of your time. Be purposeful in how you choose to spend your time. Try avoiding procrastination at all costs by getting tasks done right away.
4. Communicate. Be open and communicate with your managers and professors to make sure you are all on the same page. Most of the time, they will want to help you when you are feeling overwhelmed.
5. Ask for help. Don’t be afraid to ask for help when you are struggling. You will learn more when you swallow your pride and just ask for help.
6. Trust in your abilities. If you tell yourself that you can’t balance everything on your plate, then you won’t. When you believe that you can balance that plate, you will figure out a way to do it.
7. Celebrate your small wins. Celebrating small wins will eventually lead to a big win. If you are only focused on the monumental accomplishment, you might feel overwhelmed and want to give up.
8. Take care of yourself. Even though you have a million things to do, you need to sleep. Don’t wear yourself so thin that you physically and mentally cannot finish tasks the proper way. Don’t be afraid to take breaks throughout your busy schedule to re-energize.


For more tips or advice, visit the Snow College Career Center behind the Business Building in Ephraim, or in the Washburn Building room 155 in Richfield.